Psalm 5:11, “But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. 'What is wrong for me', he said, 'would be wrong for another'; and so he could not pay the price, and, like the young ruler referred to, he has gone away sorrowful. Rejoicing in the Lord Sunday, December 31, 2017. steadfast. April 2018 The imaginary obstacles which arise in people's minds, seeming to make holy living impossible, are varied in character, but I see that many are influenced by fears and feelings concerning things which I class under the headings of 'Circumstances and Consequences'. Remember, the Lord is the Master of circumstances, and you must put yours into His hands, and trust Him not only to sanctify you wholly, but to preserve you blameless unto the end. But there is that second class of anxious persons to whom I referred: those who are held back by the fear of consequences. Introduction. Don't worry. exercised the standard of diligence required under the circumstances of the case, regardless of whether such impediments occur at our business establishment or at that of one of our subsuppliers, for example force majeure (e.g. A few words as to circumstances may be helpful to some one. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für rejoicing im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). The mother, fearful about the strain which the care of the children brings, often speaks in the same way. In the book it says not to allow circumstances to hinder your faith. 1 Thessalonians… Even with persons who have no doubt as to the possibility of a clean heart and sanctification of life, these thoughts operate; and we find the fear of circumstances hindering one, and the fear of consequences influencing another, so that they are held back from definitely seeking the blessing. How do you battle the difficult times in your life. What an illustration of the quaking fears which hinder definite action in regard to spiritual blessings! Overcoming Circumstances. 1. Rejoicing in the victories of life is easy. Text-Isaiah 55:1-7, Galatians 4:21-5:1, & John 6:1-15 Laetare: A Day of Rejoicing? 2. In the Gospel story such were 'beaten with many stripes'; that means stripes of loss, stripes of pain, stripes of sorrow, perhaps even stripes of death. Life is not easy; it is full of challenges and even some losses. Rejoicing in difficult times though seems like an oxymoron. Indiana University Maurer School of Law graduates who last year started an expungement help desk marked scores of personal victories through their work under trying circumstances and hope to build on early successes that helped clients in dozens of counties. True, in many instances, the idea is a delusion, a snare of the Devil, by which souls are kept out of God's Full Salvation; but, there is the fact -- 'fears are in the way'. When our circumstances define our joy or lack of joy, this should prove to us that we are not abiding in Him. Men do not talk about sacrifices when they realize that they have received more -- much more -- than that which they gave up. In 2018 I will complete an internship at Lakeview Baptist Church. Now and in the future, pursue God's purpose with a great expectation that God is working in your life, believe Him for your future with hope. By Linda Canup. Here, Paul was in prison as he penned letter to the Philippians. They think of the separateness from the world involved in a life of Holiness; they think of the cold shoulder which some, even Christian friends, would give them; they think of the toil after souls which the sanctified must maintain; of the money that they may have to give; of the partnership in Christ's sufferings, and other self-denying expressions of devotion to God and the Kingdom. When spoken to by an Officer, he admitted the force of all that had been said, but he found an insurmountable difficulty in his business as a shopkeeper. You must trust God to make you equal to your circumstances. It is our great privilege this morning to return to our wonderful study of 1 Thessalonians chapter 5, and I invite you to take your Bible, if you will, and open to that great chapter. Needless to add, the blessing came, and, rejoicing, he went off to his home, fifty miles out of London, to fulfil his word. If they have, it is strange for them to talk of rushlight sacrifices whilst they are bathed in the sunlight of the Divine Presence. Surely the knowledge of this leads me to cry, 'O my Lord, let me have the blessing with all its consequences!'. How often, when giving earnest advice, one gets the response, 'My circumstances are against me', 'Placed as I am, it cannot be', or 'The consequences are too serious', 'The price of the blessing is too high'. if only I were married, then the life of purity and Holiness would be possible to me'. Sometimes we are tempted to look at sacrifice apart from love. March 15, 2015; Share When we’re facing unwanted circumstances, dealing with difficult people, or under the fire of persecution, it can be too easy to focus on our challenges and become discouraged. He knows the future and we do not. We compare our lives with others and wonder, “Why can’t I have that, too? Now, I do not want to mislead anybody, for, of course, there are consequences of surrender and determination to live the holy life; but, unfortunately, these fearful ones look at the wrong side of the list. February 2018 That is a pathetic picture which the Psalmist gives us of these poor Jews by the waters of Babylon, who, when urged to sing the songs of Zion, answered, 'How shall we sing the Lord's songs in a strange land?' Why would a person rejoice in the things that hinder life and even cause pain? March 2018 There is an old joke about four men in England that were all seated in the same booth on a train. The word relief itself come from a Latin word meaning… You won't need physical dexterity or coordination to follow these commands. I am not, however, dealing now with such positions or the circumstances connected with them; I am referring to circumstances or conditions of life which are lawful in themselves and in the light of the Word of God, but which may present difficulties and involve serious trial to those determined to live purely and serve God faithfully.
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