Open water rods are stouter and longer because you need to cast a heavy lure toward your target. They are usually extremely thick and heavy duty, have heavy tips and large eyes, and have a long butt to help fight large fish. Rods vs. Traps: Once you've cut holes, you have two primary means of fishing: with a rod or via traps. Fiblink 2-Piece Portable Travel Ice Fishing Rod 21 Inches Light Power Spinning/Casting Ice Pole. The cold winter months does not stop angling enthusiasts from catching a fish. Hence, we need to describe the difference between ice fishing line vs regular line. And of course once you choose a fishing rod it is also important to get the right type of fishing reel. Ice Rod Salmo Fin 422-01. The Akataka Ice Fishing Rod has a carbon fiber body. There are two other qualities that come built into ice fishing line, but these can also be found within standard open water lines. Fly Fishing: Fishing: Rod Type: Fly Rods – Lightweight, Used to cast line by false casting. This ice fishing line also features PowerPro’s Enhanced Body Technology, so it is a much stronger braid. When casting crankbaits or spinners the length can be an important factor. Ice fishing not only involves no casting, but also it regularly takes place indoors. Spin Rods. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Speaking of gears, the line used in ice fishing is different from an open-water fishing line. However, when ice fishing you don't need a rod that is built for casting. With the rod case, your rods will slide effortlessly into the fabric sleeves. The Trilene 100 Percent Fluorocarbon Ice is another great option from Berkley. Eliminating the unwanted is easy if you keep target species, rod power, and lure application in mind. Berkley AmpTM Ice Spinning Rod Spinning Rods. 4.3 out of 5 stars 87. Casting rods are designed to allow the fisherman to accurately place a bait or lure wherever they want to. Different tapers are used for different fishing scenarios as well as for personal preference. This adds to your comfort while making sure you have better control of the rod. So, if you don’t like fishing in the summer because of the heat and its roughness, you might want to consider ice fishing. Ice fishing rod length is generally determined by how and where you intend on fishing. Get the Early Riser Bass hat here - (ONLY available for 48 HOURS!!!) The rod from Frabill's ice fishing combo is made from solid fiberglass and boasts improved sensitivity with a solid carbon fiber blank. To entice fish, bait or lures are impaled on one or more hooks attached to the line. Spin rods tend to be heavier than fly rods, and also cast monofilament line with a single cast. This is a more comfortable and easier way to fish, and for this reason spinning rods are the basic rod used by amateur fishermen throughout the world. Four-foot rods are also perfect for children because they are … FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Although the line used in ice fishing is somewhat similar to the one used in open-water fishing activities, the condition in ice fishing is different and some lines behave differently in the cold. As they are able to extend to just a few feet and are super light, the quality of the line and reel you use will determine the performance of the rod. The second reason you’d have a smaller rod is to fit inside your ice fishing hut. They are usually between 24 and 36 inches long and have fewer eyes than traditional spinning rods. I've seen too many people use regular setups on kayaks including fly rods. Click here to learn more about our Backcountry Telescopic Travel Rod. They are generally focused towards larger game fish such as tuna and marlin. Graphite as a material for ice fishing rod is frequently seen to be more responsive towards its job. A fishing rod is a long, flexible rod used by fishermen to catch fish. In other words, ice fishing lines are stronger, has very little memory and less detectable in the water than regular fishing lines. They usually range from 5 to 8.5 feet and have between 5 and 8 eyes. Since ice fishing lines have special characteristics as compared to regular fishing lines, you must make sure that you have such in your gears when you plan to fish on ice. One of the distinctive features of a fly rod is the lack of a butt section below the reel, which means the angler can cast freely and with speed. When you fly fish for trout, you’ll be using a fly rod, which is more lightweight and applied to false casting.Spin rods, on the other hand, are a regular rod for regular fishing. Simply put, it won't be the same as a regular rod. Speaking of gears, the line used in ice fishing is different from an open-water fishing line. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for fly rods. A 28-inch long, medium-action jigging rod is a standard piece of gear for most ice anglers. MHX ICE ROD BLANKS The MHX solid carbon ice blanks have been developed to offer the highest quality, highest level of sensitivity, and the greatest power to weight ratio available in the market. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for sea fishing rods. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for trolling rods. Once you know the different types of fishing poles it is also important to get the right type of fishing reel. Ice fishing rods are shorter than regular rods. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The disadvantage of ice fishing lines is that they become stiff when placed in bodies of water that have no ice. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for bait casting rods. The heaviest sea rods are designed for tough shark and game fishing and are usually coupled with huge reels and very heavy line. The size of most ice shacks rules out the use of long rods when you're in them. ; Flies vs… Most experienced fishermen prefer the wooden mount, as it is supposed to be more sensitive to small movements and better to fish with. Casting reels are used on the top of the rod, while eggbeater (spinning) reels hang beneath. Furthermore, it’s fluorocarbon so you can be sure that a fish will have a hard time detecting it. A good trolling rod is relatively long, heavily built, and has a fast action. It has a low stretch and thin diameter; furthermore, this fishing line has great strength and high sensitivity. Add to cart. Telescopic rods are designed to be the ultimate compact rod. With ice fishing, the rod used is shorter which typically ranges from 24 to 36 inches in length. Ice rods are usually very similar to spinning rods, but are much shorter to accommodate for the lack of space available when ice fishing. They usually resemble a heavier, longer version of a spinning rod, and can be used from the beach, rocks, or other shore features. So, fluorocarbon lines are the popular choice because they are stronger and more resistant to abrasion than monofilament lines. Most telescopic rods resemble simple spinning rods when extended, with a number of eyes and a flexible tip that makes casting easy. Anything larger is unnecessary for ice fishing, and anything smaller should be reserved for small panfish. HT Iceman Baitcast Ice Fishing Combo, Medium, 24-in #077-8536-6 (0) 0.0 out of 5 stars. Some rods are long and flexible for casting, while others are short and rigid to withstand the pressures of heavy duty game fishing. In a similar manner to a spin casting rod, spinning rods have one significantly larger eye closest to the reel to reduce the friction on the line when casting. Sometimes fiberglass just won’t cut it in terms of sensitivity. There’s a simple reason for this. The Abu Garcia ICEMAX spinning reel included in the package is one of the best ice fishing reels available on the market. Ice fishing rods that are sure to help get the fish through the thick ice and into your hands. The most popular method used in ice fishing is, like in open-water fishing, the fishing rod and line with colorful jigs or lures. Obviously, such feature is absent in regular fishing rods. In addition, ice fishing line manufacturers have designed their products in a way that the problem with the line memory on regular fishing lines has been resolved. These rods offer the same combination of durability and sensitivity that have characterized the brand since its inception. They are thin and flexible to allow you to work the fly back and forwards and are usually very lightweight and small compared to other rods. Jigging vs. Deadstick: This is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing between an inline reel or spinning reel. Not to mention, it’s cheaper because it requires lesser gears. The first relates to the process of dropping and reeling in a line while ice fishing. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for ice fishing rods. $19.72 $ 19. The Striker Ice Fishing Rod Case is perfect for not only transporting but also protecting your ice fishing rod. They are usually extremely long to allow a heavy sinker and bait to be cast a long way and have long butts to allow a two handed casting technique to be used. Sea rods are designed for fishing in the ocean, and range from quite short (when used on boats) to extremely long when used from the rocks or the beach. Although not for everyone, ice fishing could be for you if you want solemnity while fishing. It also has low stretch and thin diameter. This prevents ice-based line memory and, of course, your line from freezing to your rod. With that being said, fishing lines that work perfectly in open water might not work on the ice. Survival fishing poles are rods designed to be used in a survival situation no matter if it is for sport or in an emergency. While they aren’t recommended for everyday use, pen rods can be great to have in the glovebox for those unexpected fishing opportunities. You can use your reels off your regular rods and ice fishing poles are … These blanks offers intense durability in the most extreme elements, while leaving no ill … The cold winter months does not stop angling enthusiasts from catching a fish. They are used to target different species of fish or for different fishing locations and methods. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items . The real seat includes a cork grip. It weighs only 1.4 pounds. Action. In fact, some prefer fishing in the ice more than an open water because it is more relaxing and requires lesser gears. This fishing line has a very small diameter and is highly sensitive. It boasts a highly durable construction that features a hard poly-inner shell. Furthermore, in ice fishing, there is lesser movement so the fish have a lot of time to “think” before biting your bait. FREE Shipping by Amazon. A classic ice rod (which are still widely used) doesn’t use a reel. The main difference between spinning and casting rods is the way they are used. Fiberglass . In both models, the eyes are on the top of the rod. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Order and get entered 5 times into the fishing contest! As to the size of the hole, it is generally eight inches or 20 centimeters. Moreover, a simple tension spool or a spinning reel is great to utilize. Copyright 2020 - High Altitude Brands - Home of the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod, Different Types of Fishing Rods and Their Uses, Best Trout Fishing Lures: Top 5 Best Spinners, Best Trout Fishing Lures: Top 5 Best Spoons. Ice Fishing Line vs Regular Line. Spin Rods – Heavier, casts monofilament line with singel cast. In addition, there are lines sold in the market that are specially made for ice fishing, but if you don’t have that at hand, a line that has low memory and is strong but not too visible can be an alternative. It is enough lighter and for this reason, it is one of the most expensive materials in fishing rod world. Furthermore, you will also need a skimmer which is used to remove new ice formations in the hole that you’ve created. Other options do exist, but today's rods are so sophisticated and plentiful that selecting the right ice-fishing rod can be a dilemma. Ice Rod Salmo Pirs. They are awfully cute in my eyes but they are not practical unless you are ice fishing. Copyright © 2017 The Bestfishing Line. Shorter rods are much more sensitive and easier to use compared to a normal-sized rod. They are generally considered as the world’s smallest fishing rods, and will easily fit in a pocket or backpack when folded up. This ice fishing line has very low memory and has no stiffness. It features a 3 + 1 bearing system and low-temperature gear lube suitable for ice fishing. Most of the fishing rods these days are seen to be constructed with fiberglass. In addition, the copolymer nylon inside makes it have an excellent knot strength, abrasion resistance, and durable. However, An ice fishing rod rod is one of the most significant hardware as it is the thing that you use to drop and work your baits. Likewise, it is one of the best hobbies that you can do with your family. $27.99: Clam Outdoors Ice Team Ice Rod (on sale; regular price is $34.99) I love the fast-action, solid-graphite blank used in this ice rod (below). According to Wikipedia, ice fishing is defined as a practice wherein fishes are caught with lines and hooks or spears through an opening that is present on a frozen body of water. The Venerate ice fishing rod comes in 23-inch ultra-light, 25-inch light, 27-inch medium-light, and 29-inch medium variants. Hence, ice fishing lines are effortless to stretch, as well as loosens when there is an increase in the lake temperature. Hence, fishing in ice has a different environment, not to mention, much more dangerous; therefore, it calls for specialized gears. Click here to learn about the different types of fishing reels. They are usually between 24 and 36 inches long and have fewer eyes than traditional spinning rods. Pen rods are even more compact than telescopic rods, and are designed to fold up into a case which resembles a large pen. The difference between ice fishing line vs regular line is going to be discussed but first, let’s find out what ice fishing is. Shakespeare offers ice rods and ice fishing rod/reel combos in its popular Ugly Stik series. Published on Feb 4, 2013 is a great guide to help you get started ice fishing. Typically, inline reels shine brightest when jigged. Rather, it has two opposing hooks mounted on the rod for you to wind the line around by hand. When selecting the right saltwater vs freshwater fishing rods for your angling adventures, you should first consider the fishing techniques you plan to use. While both reels have advantages and disadvantages, there are several key factors to consider when selecting your next ice fishing reel. They are designed to be used with spin casting reels. You depend on it to feel for nibbles so you can set snares accurately, and use it to lift what you snare through the ice opening. Ice fishing could be a great angling activity because it’s very relaxing and it teaches patience. If you are using an ice fishing shelter or fishing in a tight space, a large rod might not be the most logical decision though. Fishing rod tapers describe how much a fishing rod bends or flexes under pressure. Therefore, if you’re planning on going jigging for small walleye, crappie, bluegill, or rock bass, then you should look at getting an 18-24 inch rod if fishing in your ice hut, or 28-30 inches if you’re fishing … Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for spinning rods. They are extendable, and usually range from a one to two feet long when closed to up to 20 feet when fully extended. Another thing about ice fishing lines is that they have been treated with anti-freezing substances to ensure that they will not stick to your fishing rod, as well as freeze inside the ice water. An ice fishing rod is typically shorter than a freshwater rod. This material makes the rod both lightweight and durable. Fly Rods vs. In ice fishing, you fish through a hole and the ice surrounding the hole has edges that might damage the line so a braided line could be ideal, but it is too opaque that the fish might see it. Surf rods are actually a type of sea rod, but are popular enough to warrant their own category. In other words, will you be trolling offshore for kingfish or casting crankbaits to largemouth bass in a local pond? However, they aren’t usually necessary – unless you are targeting extremely large game fish, spinning rods will generally do the same job just as effectively. Learn how your comment data is processed. 99. They are firmly secured with quality brand straps that ensure they perfectly stay in place. Also, fluorocarbon is lighter, so it is less visible and sinks more naturally in the water. You may consider the list of fishing lines that have been mentioned above. click here to search on Amazon for bait casting rods, click here to search on Amazon for spinning rods, click here to search on Amazon for fly rods. Ultralight Ice Fishing Graphite Rod Setup. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for surf fishing rods. Though created for trout fishing in mind, the Silver Thread Trout Line also makes a good ice fishing line. They also have specialized eyes, called snake eyes, which are designed to guide the heavy fly line and prevent tangles when you cast. Click here to learn about the different types of fishing reels. This weight is not all that unusual for fishing rods, but it tells us that fatigue from holding the rod for a long time will not be an issue at all. At its simplest, a fishing rod is a simple stick or pole attached to a line ending in a hook (formerly known as an angle, hence the term angling).The length of the rod can vary between 2 and 20 feet (0.5 and 6 m). Sort by. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for pen fishing rods. The action of a taper is described by the flex of the tip of a rod when pressure is applied perpendicular to the rod. Well, a regular ice fishing rod is only about 50 centimeters long! Before I fully get into talking about the differences between a fishing rod and fishing pole (and what one is better), I want to tell you my story about how I got into fishing. From perch, to walleye, pike, or lake trout, we've got the right rod for you! As for the line, the more lightweight your rod is, the lighter the line should be as well. Spinning rods are very similar to casting rods, but are usually slightly smaller and lighter. Find average prices, click here to search on Amazon for spin casting rods. A classic ice rod (which are still widely used) doesn’t use a reel. If you’re using a regular sized rod and are pretty deep then you’ll have a tough time feeling the bites of smaller fish. Bait casting rods are very similar, and usually only differ in the fact that the last eye closest to the reel is slightly smaller due to the difference in the way line peels off baitcasting reels. Get the right ice fishing rod for the job. This ice fishing rod from Frabill includes a ball-bearing reel, which makes it quite a good deal for the money. $27.99 $ 27. In Stock . Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. In-stock. 3.9 out of 5 stars 11. Carbon fiber is tough and flexible, so it’s perfect for fighting large fish. However, it is still best to use a fluorocarbon leader when using a braided line. PowerPro Ice-tec is a braided fishing line; however, it is coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, so it repels water thereby eliminating ice formation. click here to search on Amazon for spin casting rods. Ice fishing can be great adventure and quite successful fishing - if you have the right equipment. Most modern fly rods are made of carbon fiber composites, as they allow optimal flexibility and strength. Berkley is known for making some of the best ice fishing lines; therefore, Fireline Micro Ice is a good one. Fly rods come in a range of sizes and shapes, and are specifically designed for fly fishing. It casts well and is a durable product overall. I feel with more of a background on me, you can be assured that my knowledge of fishing is grounded in a lot of training. 72. They come in sizes designed to target fish from the tiniest trout in small mountain streams to large saltwater game fish like marlin and tuna. All Rights Reserved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This fishing line is made of fluorocarbon wrapped in copolymer because of this, this line resists freezing and is invisible underwater. Fishing on ice requires you to make a hole using an ice saw, chisel or auger. What is the Major Danger of Anchoring a Fishing Boat from the Stern and How to Safely Anchor It, Best Fishing Lures for Easy and Fun Fishing. Click here to read our full article on Best Survival Fishing Rods, Poles and Reels. The ice guides are stainless steel for optimum durability, and there is a machined aluminum material for the spool for enhanced power and support. Flies vs Lures: Fly fishing uses flies (dry flies, nymphs, emergers, streamers) imitates all forms of food fish feed on. I always grew up with a family who loved the outdoors. With ice fishing, you only fish directly below. The grip on this one is solid cork, not just the cork taping which is common with cheaper rods. Some of them are quite small and can’t fit a full-sized rod. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Fishermen can do such with the help of open or heated enclosures, as well as other amenities. /  Ice Fishing Line vs Regular Line: Why Ice Fishing Lines are Special, difference between ice fishing line vs regular line, Types of Fishing Hooks: The Well-Known Ones, JL Sport Shaddock Fishing Circle Hooks: Catching a Variety of Fishes Made Easy, LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures: A Comprehensive Review, Penn Pursuit II Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel: A Comprehensive Review, How to Tie Fishing Line Together: A Guide to Create Some of the Top Knots, What Is Braided Fishing Line and Why Is it Used Today, What is Fishing Line Made Of: Quick Facts. 2,35 € Out Of Stock . 1,90 € In Stock . Since you'll be kayak fishing, I really don't see why you couldn't use regular rods and reels. Although they can be split into two categories – spin casting rods and bait casting rods – most modern rods are simply sold as ‘casting rods’ without any differentiation. It also has a 3 plus 1 ball-bearing reel, and all along its length, there are stainless steel ice guides which culminate in an ultra-sensitive cork handle with a machined aluminum spool. Fishing rods are measured from tip to butt, and the most common ones run between six and eight feet. click here to search on Amazon for ice fishing rods. Moreover, its small diameter makes it hard for the fish to spot it. Spin fishing uses heavier lures normally imitating fish: Line Type However, some telescopic rods are eyeless, and the line instead is guided through the center of the rod – this is a very specialized rod. This makes them perfectly suitable for in-house fishing since you won’t have to worry about banging up your rod during the hook-set. When choosing a fishing rod, it is generally recommended to start with a simple spinning rod, and then specialize as you become more experienced with various fishing techniques. What We Like. In fact, some prefer fishing in the ice more than an open water because it is more relaxing and requires lesser gears. All other things being equal a longer rod will generally cast further and more accurately than a shorter rod. One of the important details is good fishing lines for such extreme conditions. However, some anglers choose to take the easier route by using a heater to prevent ice from forming again. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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