The Dish: Pheasant or partridge. One 3-liter box contains the same amount of wine as four 750ml bottles, is 40% less expensive than comparable bottled wines, and stays fresh for six weeks after opening. This variety is grown in all of Germany’s 13 wine regions. “Of course,” says Keller, “Germany has also been a beneficiary of climate change.”. RHEINGAU: August Kesseler, Chat Sauvage, JB Becker, PJ Kühn Unlike thick-skinned cabernet, pinot noir grapes have very thin, delicate skins which produce a much lighter bodied wine, with a transparent ruby red color and classic flavors of red cherry, red currant, and wild strawberry. He prefers savoring his mature Pinots without food, “just so I can revel in their scent.” In fact, Germany is the world's third largest producer of Pinot Noir. Called Pinot Noir in France, this grape produces elegant, velvety wines with a distinctive bouquet reminiscent of bitter almonds or blackberries. Smaller but well known plantings are also in Pfalz, Rheingau and other regions. German Wines - Wines from Germany: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Spatlese, Auslese, Grosses Gewachs, Eiswein - We Carry An Exceptional Collection of Importe. The family makes an ethereal, elegant style, full of Morello cherry notes. fuller-bodied, deep red wines with higher tannin levels. Pinot noir (French: [pino nwaʁ]) is a red wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera. Sensitive to climate and soil, it needs warmth (but not intense heat) to thrive and does well in chalky soils. Also look for: Adeneuer, Deutzerhof, Kreuzberg, Stodden, Top Producer: Schwarzer Adler. Spätburgunder, as it’s called locally, has been cultivated in Germany for centuries, but by the 1980s, its true potential was almost forgotten in the quantity-above-quality frenzy that engulfed Germany following the passage of its 1971 wine laws. Also look for: Dautel, Graf Adelmann, Haidle, Schnaitmann, MOSEL: Markus Molitor 2018 Cline Family Cellars Sonoma County Pinot Noir ($15) Credit: Megan Cline. Baden’s Bernhard Huber left the local cooperative to release his first Pinot Noirs in 1987. Champagne). These cookies are used, to allow a proper news feed on our website. This California vintage carries … RHEINHESSEN: Gutzler, Thörle, Wagner-Stempel It even became fashionable to drink German wine—Pinot Noir as much as Riesling. This also called for different plant material. 9. But climate change has made it easier for pinot noir to ripen, and not just in Baden, the southernmost German wine region and long the leading producer of German red wines. No wonder, since they’re grow on granite, slate, limestone, marl, sandstone, volcanic ash or basalt, schist, loess or various combinations of these. Most plantings are in France, Germany, Austria, North America and northern Italy. Germany is so closely identified with Riesling that you may be surprised to learn that the country is the third-largest producer of Pinot Noir in the world, behind France and the United States, according to the Wines of Germany trade organization. $19.99. “Pinot should beguile with its scent,” he says. $8.99. In French, Merlot means The Little Black Bird. Even if it is rarely as sumptuous as the greatest reds from the Côte de Nuits in Burgundy, German Pinot Noir can be exquisite. By the late 1990s, a shift had taken place in Germany, not least because the Spätburgunders of this determined avant-garde met with huge approval. This includes cookies that are necessary for the operation of the site, as well as those that are only used for anonymous statistical purposes, for personal settings or to display personalized content. He looks to emphasize his Pinot’s “filigreed fruit,” grown on Triassic marls. Germany’s most heralded red grape is one of the most popular worldwide: Pinot Noir, or Spätburgunder, as it’s known locally. Product Description A stylish and complex Pinot Noir that is scented, seductive and lingering. 3 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews. Deutsches Weininstitut GmbHPlatz des Weines 255294 BodenheimT: +49 6135 9323-0F: +49 6135 9323-110info[at]deutscheweine(dot) Which is to say, it loves warm sites in cool regions. Pinot Noir Red Wine - 750ml Bottle - The Collection. Nonetheless, more and more producers are happy to share their intriguing wines with the world. Beyond the Pinot varieties, expect to see some Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Portugieser, and Dornfelder along with rare plantings of Regent and Domina scattered throughout the valley. As others, particularly the large local co-ops, made sweetish, flabby and thermo-vinified Pinots from high-yielding vines, Fritz Keller of Weingut Schwarzer Adler in Baden held firm. Today, even Mr. Parker would probably change his sentiments about German Pinot Noir. – Robert Parker, 2002. A final thought on that note. We've received your email address, and soon you will start getting exclusive offers and news from Wine Enthusiast. However recently there has been greatly increased demand and darker, richer red wines (often barrique -aged) are produced from grapes such as Dornfelder and Spätburgunder, … As the name implies, it ripens late (spät) and it was brought to Germany from Burgundy, where it has probably been cultivated since at least the 4th century (first documented, however, in the 14th century). The Dish: Grilled beef. It even became fashionable to drink German wine—Pinot Noir as much as Riesling. The Merlot grape is also a … With this success, more energetic and enthusiastic youngsters are bent on making even better Pinot Noirs. Wine lovers paid top dollar for these elegant, food-friendly wines. “The difference in soils is the most interesting aspect,” says Wiest. German Pinot Noir (also known as Spätburgunder) “Everything was a learning curve—green harvests, using small barrels or determining the right point of harvest.”, “Red winemaking was not taught in Germany at the time,” says Franken’s Sebastian Fürst, whose father, Paul, was among those pioneers. Germany The past few decades have seen Germany come a long way, with its reputation built on superb Riesling, elegant Pinot Noir and fresh Pinot Grigio (the ripe style known as Pinot Gris). Download Guide. Eleven percent (11,800 ha in 2019) of Germany's vineyard area is covered by Spätburgunder grapes, primarily in the southern regions of Baden and Württemberg, and also in the more northerly regions of the Ahr Valley where it accounts for over 65% vineyard area. Around the world, pinot noir covers a multitude of styles, according to where it is grown, how it made and by whom, as well as weather conditions. Also look for: Am Stein, Castell, Knapp, Top Producer: Friedrich Becker. The best are produced in the northerly Ahr region, near the Cold War capital Bonn, where they can be enchantingly delicate and floral. In Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. He says diners are “surprised at first, but extremely satisfied,” once they try the wines. Vintners who struck out on their own often learned by trial and error. “I always stood for that elegant, dry style,” says Keller, who trained in Bordeaux and Burgundy. But climate change, while a menace to humanity, has enhanced German pinot noir, as have improved farming methods and know-how. The German name for the grape is Spätburgunder - late (spät) ripening pinot (burgunder). 3.9 out of 5 stars with 9 reviews. They’re highly trained and have international experience, often with vintages in both hemispheres under their belt. Meiomi Pinot Noir Red Wine - 750ml Bottle. The name may also refer to wines created predominantly from Pinot noir grapes. Also look for: Christmann, Knipser, Rebholz, Top Producer: Graf Neipperg. Pinot noir is the most famous red wine variety of the cool climate wine regions. Also look for: Bercher, Bernhard Huber, Dr. Heger, Holger Koch, Salwey, Ziereisen, Top Producer:  Paul Fürst. 3-4: The medium category will start to reveal summery whites such as German Riesling and Gewôrztraminer. “It’s incredible what happened in terms of quality over the past 20 years,” says Rudi Wiest, a veteran California-based importer of German wines. Many contemporary winemakers, however, are producing wines that are more international in style, i.e. Meiomi. “My father reached out to other Pinot winemakers abroad and implemented their methods at home.”, “Our parents’ generation was the first to truly cooperate in order to raise the bar,” says Meike Näkel, of Weingut Meyer-Näkel in the Ahr. Gary Farrell Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2011. He consistently made skin-fermented, hand-punched and bone-dry Pinot Noirs that were served in the family’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Baden alone has more Pinot Noir planted than either New Zealand or Australia. Von Neipperg and others keen on quality either planted French clones or massal selections of old, low-yielding German clones. Dr. Konstantin Frank 2017 Old Vines Pinot Noir (Finger Lakes); $22, 90 points. In Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. Also in a lot of sparkling wine Pinot noir is used (e.g. “Today’s wines will age even better—they have an even finer tannin structure.”, “Quality is definitely on the rise—there already are some superstars,” says Adrien Falcon, wine director at New York City’s Bouley restaurant. There are currently changes: a shift towards Burgundy and the renaissance of classic grape varieties. The prime grape German winemakers are focusing on is pinot noir. Look for the word sec in the French section, trocken in the German section and seco on the Italian wines. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies and the terms of our, A Wave of Nonalcoholic Sparklers with Terroir and Depth, California's Central Coast Winemakers Respect the Past But Have Eyes on the Future, Welcome to! The Becker Estate 2007 Pinot Noir ($17) shows classic German red fruit, a wisp of strawberry … Red wine has always been hard to produce in the German climate, and in the past was usually light-colored, closer to rosé or the red wines of Alsace.
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