Bread is NOT good for sugar gliders. When they're angry, the bite can hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, and draw a good amount of blood. gliders typically require only 25 to 35 grams of food per 100 grams of body weight daily. Some foods that sugar gliders can eat, but only in small quantities include dog food, iceberg lettuce, various nuts and sunflower seeds. Sugar gliders do have their own unique natural smell, but owners report that this is not unpleasant. Imagine how boring it must be to eat the same thing again and again. Your sugar glider sugar bear would certainly like these, however, so you can keep them for an occasional treat for your pet but don’t make it too frequent. Rhubarb and turnip are also poisonous to sugar gliders. Grapes have caused renal failure in a number of different species. This jar of sugar glider food is packed and ready to be fed to your pet. Though sugar gliders can eat many different things, what’s really important is that you strike the right nutritional balance. Picky sugar gliders may not take to a pellet food at first, but give them time to adjust. Our 1st best food for sugar gliders is Exotic Nutrition Instant-HPW. No to: Sugar gliders mash their food in their mouths and swallow the juices and will often discard the left over substance by spitting it out. Their name “sugar glider” suggests that sugar and fruit make up a large portion of their diet, however, this is not the case. Okay, so far we’ve established that they can eat poultry without any adverse effects and that most gliders … Sugar gliders can sometimes be observed nibbling their humans. Potatoes are bad for your sugar glider. This is one of the reasons why you should include multiple foods in your furbaby’s diet.. Gliders will also bite or nibble for other reasons as well. Chocolate, even a small amount, can be fatal to Gliders. Location a number of feeding terminals in their cage and ensure they constantly have fresh water. Surprisingly, these little mammals in the possum family have more exotic relatives. These creatures are similar to flying squirrels in that they glide by using flaps of skin between their legs. I’ll find it and come back. Fear-based biting is obvious to most people. 19 This is equivalent to approximately 17% of body weight in wet weight of food. They also enjoy fatty foods, such as mealworms and fly pupae. Sugar Glider are omnivores which means they'll eat almost anything you put in front of them especially if it tastes sweet. They interact well with humans and needs to be pampered and coddled.   For instance, giardia, a protozoan parasite, can cause dehydration, lethargy, and weight loss. Most bacterial and parasitic infections occur due to underwashed fruits and vegetables, so thoroughly clean any foods you feed to your sugar glider. This is #6 on our best sugar glider foods review. 09:31:47 PM. This food ensures higher nutritional value for your pet at home.It comes in powder form that means you need to mix it with water while serving. Here is PetPonder's brief overview of what sugar gliders eat and drink. Many people have heard about the dangers of Sugar to the human body. While some may argue that it is okay only to feed them with fruits and sugar syrup, it is not the best dietary regimen for them as it may lead to weak bones, seizures, and tremors. Next comes grapes and raisins, which are widely debated to be harmful but there are no really conclusive evidences to point to this. Hi, my name is Dr. David Brust, and I’ve been a practicing exotic veterinarian for the last 25 years. Mar 15 2009. However, these pocket-sized marsupials are not closely related to squirrels, or any rodent.. Celery is nutritionally useless. Sugar gliders also are prone to some bacterial and parasitic infections. Factors that can influence the magnitude of this smell include age, health diet and environment. As a sugar glider parent, I have tried many different foods, treats, and supplements over the last three years. Before we get into the details of a balanced diet for these marsupials, let’s take a quick look at the foods that are and aren’t safe. Your sugar glider's diet should contain a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and about 1/4 of its food should have protein. Cucumbers are nutritionally useless for your sugar glider. Edited by - SuggieGal17 on Mar 15 2009 09:18:34 PM. This includes foods which have been cooked with onion or garlic salt. Know What Foods Are Dangerous to Sugar Gliders. Foods and additives containing phenylalanine should be avoided, since they can cause seizures. The food contains eggs, flaxseed oil, 3 fatty acids and omega 6, honey, bee pollen, and a high-protein supplement. In fact, each jar contains acacia gum, fruits, vegetables, bee pollen, eggs, and more. They are generally considered lactose intolerant so no dairy products, most Gliders however can tolerate a small amount of flavored yogurt.
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