About Rabbi Zions

Rabbi Zions has been a practicing mohel since 1983. He is a graduate of the Beth Medrash Govoha Rabbinical College of Lakewood, New Jersey. Rabbi Zions completed an apprenticeship of many years under the guidance of expert mohalim, both in Israel and in America. He is widely acclaimed for his high standards of surgical and aseptic technique.

Rabbi Zions lives with his wife and children in Lakewood, NJ, and performs circumcisions throughout New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and Rockland Counties, as well as Maryland, the DC area including northern Virginia, and Eastern PA. His services are recommended by leading rabbis and pediatricians. New and expectant parents are invited to contact Rabbi Zions for further information.

References can be furnished upon request.

Rabbi Zev Zions

Certified Mohel

732-995-5546 rabbizions@rabbizions.com

Please Note: Rabbi Zions will not answer calls from Friday after sundown until approximately 1 hour past sundown on Saturday. The same rule applies for major Jewish Holidays. Otherwise, call as soon as you can so that your baby will be in the right hands.