"Rabbi Zions has demonstrated more than the anticipated religious understanding & surgical technique in his practice as a mohel performing the Brit Milah. His experience includes the ability to assess essential congenital health issues such as: bleeding problems (e.g., Hemophilia & Von Willebrand disease), developmental abnormalities (Hypospadias, Epispadias, Chordee). I am a pediatric urologist in central N.J. who has been consulted in some of these unusual situations. I have been impressed by Rabbi Zions' judgment in these circumstances. I've had the pleasure & shared the mitzvah of assisting Rabbi Zions perform the Brit Milah safely even under these special conditions."

Dr. Michael Fleisher

"Rabbi Zions far exceeded our expectations! He was extremely organized before and during the Bris ceremony, and followed up afterwards to insure that the baby was healing properly and in good health. Rabbi Zions also has a great personality... We would highly recommend Rabbi Zions to anyone who has been blessed with a baby boy!"

Patricia & Brad Gelsky Ocean, NJ

"Rabbi Zions made an emotionally stressful day for me a lot less stressful. He was so thorough from beginning to end, with the history of the baby naming to the aftercare of the circumcision site. Rabbi Zions is extremely loving, kind, friendly, and family-oriented as well as an extremely professional man. I highly recommend Rabbi Zions."

Leslie and Rich Davieau Flanders, New Jersey

"Rabbi Zev Zions performed the Bris for our first son, Jack. The Rabbi was sensitive to our family's needs and took great care in making all our family and friends comfortable and involved. He is personable and approachable. We are very pleased with his services and follow-up attention for post-Bris care."

Noel, Jennifer and Jack Reed Edison, NJ

"Rabbi Zions did our son Tomer's Bris on November 23, 2001. He did it professionally and was very friendly, helpful and pleasant throughout the process. Because Tomer had jaundice, we had to postpone the Bris and change locations several times. Rabbi Zions was very patient and helpful, and when the time came he gave us clear explanations of what to expect and plain instructions on how to care for Tomer after the Bris. We were very pleased with his services and are happy to recommend him to others."

Naomi and Oren Shenkar Ramat Hasharon, Israel

"Thirteen years ago, Rabbi Zev Zions was the Mohel for my son. I was extremely pleased with his professionalism and knowledge..."

A. Jaffe Lakewood, NJ

"Rabbi Zev Zions performed our sons Bris 12 years ago. Our son was born 6 weeks premature and his first few weeks of life were rather tumultuous. Rabbi Zions was in constant contact with us during those emotional weeks, sensitively guiding us as to the proper timing of the Bris based upon the baby's health. We were honored that he traveled quite a distance (from Lakewood NJ to Northern VA) to be there for us and to perform the Bris. Rabbi Zion's informative and professional demeanor helped make the service spiritually significant for us, our family and friends. We are pleased to recommend him!"

M. and J. Rummel Fairfax, VA

"Dear Rabbi Zions... We want to express our utmost gratitude once again for flying down to Miami to circumcise our son. Your meticulous attention to every detail and your overall professionalism were truly amazing..."

Aaron & Chana Barkany & family

"Rabbi Zions has been the recommended mohel for our community for the past fifteen years. While other mohalim (Official who performs the rite of circumcision.) have his degree of yiras shomayim (fear of G-d), his knowledge of the halachic (Jewish Legal) aspects of milah (circumcision), his expertise in the techniques of milah, and his most pleasant demeanor, it is rare to find all four attributes in a single individual to the degree which he possesses them."

Rabbi E.M. Teitz
Jewish Educational Center Elizabeth, NJ

"Rabbi Zions has calmly and gracefully navigated us through 3 circumcisions. He was always available to answer even trivial questions, before and after the ceremony. His instructions were clear and concise. Everything healed up rapidly, beautifully and without any issues, we are sure due in no small part to his expertise. We recommend him without reservation."

Drs Nelly and Leon Huppert

"Rabbi Zions's expertise in the performance of Bris milah is flawless. His demeanor during the Bris is an absolute delight. His concern with properly guiding young parents in the preparation for the Bris and post-operatively are absolutely marvelous."

Rabbi Chaim Wasserman Emeritus
Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton

"Dear Rabbi Zions, Paris and I just wanted to thank you once again for adding such a feeling of warmth to our son Saul's Bris. As we're sure you were aware, there were people from many different backgrounds here for our simcha, and you made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. And we wanted to let you know as well that the healing process could not have been easier for our son!"

Rivka L.
Bala Cynwyd, PA

"Dear Rabbi Zions,We wanted to thank you for taking care of our son in a warm and caring way. The surgery was so fast it was over before we realized! He healed so quickly and we were very pleased with the expert services that you provided. We also appreciated all of the follow up calls you made to make sure our questions were answered!"

Ryan & Regina Travis
Loveladies, NJ

"Rabbi Zions made us feel calm and confident with the Brisses of our twin sons. His expertise, personality, and demeanor added immeasurably to our simcha. We would recommend him to all our friends."

Haskel & Aviva Weiss
Merion Station, PA

"When my husband, a pediatrician, and I found out we were expecting a son we took the job of find a mohel very seriously. I, myself, am a neonatal intensive care nurse and have assisted several obstetricians in many circumcisions over the last nine years. I knew, thanks to my profession, that some people do a better circumcision than others and it was important to me that the procedure be done correctly (e.g. the right amount of foreskin be taken) and as painlessly as possible. My husband and I contacted several mohels (some of whom were retired physicians and some who were rabbis/cantors), but in the end decided that if we were going to fulfill the mitzvah of a Bris it needed to be kosher and needed to be preformed by a steady hand. We found all of this in Rabbi Zions. The Bris went extremely well and our son, Ben, recovered quickly. We highly recommend Rabbi Zions to preform this mitzvah for your family and should we have another son, Rabbi Zions will, G-d willing, preform his Bris as well."

Rachel Greenberg, RN & Jason Greenberg, MD
New Haven, CN

"As a pediatrician, I was extremely pleased with Rabbi Zions's circumcision for my son. Rabbi Zions was extremely courteous and professional. He exercised extreme caution in conducting his work with the highest standards of hygiene. He put me and my husband at ease and did a wonderful job. He provided us with thorough instructions in preparation for and following the circumcision. Additionally he was available by phone and text to answer any questions that I or my husband had. I highly recommend Rabbi Zions as a mohel."

Rachel S., MD
Board Certified Pediatrician

"We were extremely satisfied with Rabbi Zions as the mohel for our sons Bris. He was easily accessible throughout the entire process. His knowledge, skills, and professionalism were of the highest regard. We would highly recommend him."

Drs Dov and Abby Ettinger
Hillside, NJ

"It was a pleasure to use Rabbi Zions for our son's Bris. He made us comfortable with his knowledge, patience, and calm manner. We will be recommending him to our friends and family."

Avromy and Rivky Klughaupt
Lakewood, NJ