Tradition In Today's World

The birth of your son is a beautiful and priceless moment.

You have been blessed with the opportunity to share, with God, in the process of Creation. The Bris Milah (or, in the Sephardic dialect, Brit Milah) ceremony is the stage of this process at which your newborn son is ushered into the Covenant of our forefather Abraham.

About Rabbi Zions

Rabbi Zions has been a practicing mohel since 1983. He is a graduate of the Beth Medrash Govoha Rabbinical College of Lakewood, New Jersey. Rabbi Zions completed an apprenticeship of many years under the guidance of expert mohalim, both in Israel and in America. He is widely acclaimed for his high standards of surgical and aseptic technique.

Rabbi Zions lives with his wife and children in Lakewood, NJ, and performs circumcisions throughout New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and Rockland Counties, as well as Maryland, the DC area including northern Virginia, and Eastern PA. His services are recommended by leading rabbis and pediatricians. New and expectant parents are invited to contact Rabbi Zions for further information.

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This website is designed to help you understand the significance of the Bris Milah ceremony.

This site will help you to plan the ceremony in accordance with Jewish tradition and to help to make the bris a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family.

"Rabbi Zions far exceeded our expectations! He was extremely organized before and during the Bris ceremony, and followed up afterwards to insure that the baby was healing properly and in good health. Rabbi Zions also has a great personality... We would highly recommend Rabbi Zions to anyone who has been blessed with a baby boy!"

Patricia & Brad Gelsky Ocean, NJ

"Rabbi Zions made an emotionally stressful day for me a lot less stressful. He was so thorough from beginning to end, with the history of the baby naming to the aftercare of the circumcision site. Rabbi Zions is extremely loving, kind, friendly, and family-oriented as well as an extremely professional man. I highly recommend Rabbi Zions."

Leslie and Rich Davieau Flanders, New Jersey

"Rabbi Zev Zions performed the Bris for our first son, Jack. The Rabbi was sensitive to our family's needs and took great care in making all our family and friends comfortable and involved. He is personable and approachable. We are very pleased with his services and follow-up attention for post-Bris care."

Noel, Jennifer and Jack Reed Edison, NJ

"Dear Rabbi Zions... We want to express our utmost gratitude once again for flying down to Miami to circumcise our son. Your meticulous attention to every detail and your overall professionalism were truly amazing..."

Aaron & Chana Barkany & family

"Thirteen years ago, Rabbi Zev Zions was the Mohel for my son. I was extremely pleased with his professionalism and knowledge..."

A. Jaffe Lakewood, NJ